International meetings | Latvia | 9- 13 May, 2022

The last meeting of the Erasmus+ project ” Reawakening the Values depicted in European Society via Literary Work” took place at the private high school “Patnis” in Riga.

The first day began with an acquaintance with the main objects of the Old Town of Riga, using the Actionbound game prepared by Latvian students. Later, there were mathematics, biology-chemistry and Latvian language lessons. One of the directions of the host school is the integration of the English language in all educational subjects, so all the teachers speak English perfectly. In the evening, the students had fun at the kartodrome.

The activities of the second day started at the National Library of Latvia. We explored all the spaces of the library, learned the intricacies of Gothic writing in the calligraphy class. Another part of the activities was dedicated to one of the authors under consideration – Aleksandr Čaks. In the poet’s memorial museum, we listened to the story of his life, and the project participants were given a task – to notice one item in the museum. The continuation of the task is an imaginary interview with the chosen object. Students and teachers coped with the challenge individually and in teams creatively. By the way, this type of task can be perfectly adapted when going on excursions with students or conducting lessons in non-traditional environments.

The third day of the Erasmus+ project ” Reawakening the Values depicted in European Society via Literary Work” was dedicated to three more authors – the most famous Latvian poets Rainiis and Aspazijai and the writer Ernests Birznieks – Upitis. We visited the Rainis and Aspazija Memorial Museum in Jurmala, got acquainted with their most famous works, and discussed the works read during the project.

At Ernests Birznieks – Upitis homestead, we immersed ourselves in the intricacies of Latvian life at the beginning of the 20th century, kneaded and baked delicious buns, and played games.

The fourth day of the Erasmus+ project. We visited the kindergarten, primary school and lower grades branch of the private secondary school “Patnis” in Riga. We observed the activities of the 1st grade and the kindergarten group, during which the CLIL method is used – the integration of English language into regular lessons. At that time, the students participating in the project prepared a dessert based on the recipe book of the poet Aleksandrs Čaks.

The depths of the heart were shaken by the sunflower planting ceremony dedicated to Ukraine, the axis of which became the values discovered in the examined works. The culmination of the day was the staging of J. Rainis’ play “Golden Horse” at the Rainis and Aspazija Memorial Museum. Project participants performed on various stages and also played musical instruments.

The care, hospitality and profesionalizm of the Latvian team made the visit memorable, educative and thought-provoking.

The conclusion of the international face-to-face meetings was organized by the coordinator of the project. The students and teachers were asked to write on the board what this project gave to them personally, what soft and hard skills the participants have developed. The tree cake which was shared after the closing speech served as a symbol – sharing pieces of ourselves with others to make the world a better place to live in.

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