The process and the results of our project were shared with fellow schools in our area. During the C1 mobility the participants of the project visited a kindergarten and a pro-gymnasium in Mazeikiai to demonstrate the educational organizations in Lithuania and to spread the word about the aims and activities of the project. During the period of distance learning the team of our teachers gave a lesson to the fourteen-year-olds about our project, its activities and experiences we had so far. As a coordinator, I participated in the webinar ‘Dissemination of Erasmus+ projects among Lithuanian schools and European partners’, where I presented the methods and forms which were used by our team in the project.

In addition to this, the Lithuanian team made presentations to the organizations (educational institutions, town council, and the national and local public libraries) during other events our community members attended. The acquired learning and teaching methods in C2 we shared with the local teachers’ community to introduce new innovative methods to schools.

Also, local media and newspapers broadcast the news of the project during the study visits which were conducted in Lithuania and Spain. The families of the students experienced the joy of sharing and acquiring the awareness of cultural diversity and spread the word about the effectiveness of the project.

A website and the website of the projects our school is taking part in is being developed. We organized a seminar for the school community ‘The Insight of Values Today’

Leaflets (bookmarks) highlighting the main aspects of the project were distributed.

On E-twinning platform we shared our methods of reading books and analysis.

The following links represent the dissemination of the project by the Lithuanian team:

“What’s your frame?”

This book illustrates Lithuanian, Spanish, Turkish and Latvian cultural insights through literature and teaching methods developed and used during the international short-term mobilities.

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